My brightest star

My dream

This is a picture drawn by myself. I drew it after I joined “I’m gifted, so you are” course. From there, I always see this picture and move forward. I know that I create it cos I want to achieve my dream, not because I was forced to do. Harvard Business School is my biggest dream which I gradually try to touch it. With my ability at the moment, this goal look very very far like I’m in the ground and it’s on one of brightest stars on the sky. But I promise that I’ll never give up. I will follow this dream until I stop breathing. A famous university with many genius people, I believe that I can learn everything from HBS. Now, it’s just a first step to approach my greatest goal so I have to try my best and do everything as well as possible. Why I trust in that? Cos, I confide in myself. Hmm, when I close my eyes and image the gate of HBS open to invite me come in, I feel so happy, everything around me like brightening. That’s miraculous picture…


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