Motivation for my life

Sometime you need to have a space for thinking everything clearly. You have to know what you want, what you really like in your whole life. And he is the person who inspires me for doing that. He looks like my savior who gave me courage to do my best. I look at him, listen to him and wonder that if I can change myself (the easiest thing can change) how I can think about changing the world. Everybody has his own way to gain something. He decided to drop out the university while I’m trying to follow it. Is it useful for me? I have no idea but he said something like at present we might be scared, in short time everything is unclear but in future when looking back the past you can proud of everything you did. Now, I’m not sure about my decision (a decision like a thousand of people) which is really meaningful in my life or not. But I’ll follow it, make effort and get everything I dream.

‘Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life’. Of course, I don’t. I want to make helpful thing for society. I want to help the poor, abandoned children, to change their life and enrich my country. At that moment, I don’t clarify how this dream become true but I just dream because dream is free. When you were a child, you can dream to be everything like: a teacher, a pilot, a doctor, a hero or even a superman. It can be stupid with people but it’s your own dream and if you want to make it become true, let’s follow it.

I have a dream that I can be a member at Silicon Valley, I can go with Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and work with them. That’s why I want to get a scholarship to America. Nearly one year from the day I made up my mind about that, but I haven’t done anything to approach this dream. I planned many things but I rarely do it. I’m lazy, I’m afraid, I’m busy. A thousand of reasons I can find out are related all to me. I’m not brave enough to change my habit. Sometime, I hate myself, I hate the way I act with my life. This is my own life but I can’t master it. The quote I wrote in the header of this blog is ‘Master your mind, design your destiny’ because I want to remind myself to strive to change my life, do everything to pursue my own happiness. However, up to now, I haven’t done it yet. I think the dark piece of my life is over. I will make it brighter and overcome everything which prevent me from approaching my dream. I believe in my future, one day, I can shake Bill Gate’s hand. I can meet people who are famous all over the world and become one of them. I want to become the next Steven Jobs, a person can change the world by thinking different.

‘Keep looking. Don’t settle.’ I do
‘Stay hungry, stay foolish.’ I do

I will do everything which can help my life to be more useful and meaningful.


Strong Emotion

This is the first time I watch this episode although I have know Doraemon for over 10 years. It really touch my heart and make my tears fall down.

Nobita is our childhood, he presents for all of us. When we were young, we liked playing more than studying and we also made mistakes which are sadness of our parents. Sometimes, you talked impolitely with people who created your life and let them down because of your behaviors. The lack of thought and superficial were the main causes led to faults.

As you can see, Jaian, Shizuka and Suneo are the closest friends of Nobita but they can’t help him in his hard circumstance which means that friends are the people that we are close but family really are people who love you most.

However, Nobita is lucky than us. He has a best friend – Doraemon and can help him in any situations. For instance, in this episode, he took Nobita return the day he was born and showed him how his father was happy owing to his birth. He had to run on foot very far to go to the hospital and look at his first child. That is the happiest time with any father all over the world.

Nobita’s father didn’t hope that he can be a doctor, a teacher or anything else. He just had a small wish that his child could grow up with healthy and become a useful person for society.

Thanks to the trip return the past, Nobita realizes how his parents had expected the day he came to this world. The imagine of the old tree in this cartoon has deep meaning and value. It’s the symbol for not only memories but desire of human.

General, I think that this episode is very impressive and show for us a valuable lesson about family sentiment.

10 things need to become my habits


1. Waking up at 5:30 am. and jogging around the Nhieu Loc canal every morning.
2. Go to bed before 10 pm.
3. Reading some pages of a book before go to bed.
4. Review Vocabulary after reading.
5. Translate a favorite song every week.
6. Writing diary every two days.
7. Read and understand at least one page of an English book or article everyday.
8. Online Facebook at much 7 hours per week.
9. Make a list of everything needs to be done and complete them before weekend.
10. Set goals and strategies for everything I do.