First time, jump out and experience

Today is a special day with me. I had many experiences by participating in a recruitment of TGM Corporation. From the day I attended “I’m gifted, so you are” course of this company I wanted to become a coach. After six months, I had a chance to apply for this position. I expected for this Coach Recruitment Training (CRT) very much. I promised myself that I will try my best to complete all the parts of this recruitment.

I will learn by heart all the lessons today. The first lesson is selfishness. In the teamwork game, all members were striving to move a person across the rope (which was hung highly and mark by 2 opposite groups of chairs). I’m too careful about result to think for my partner. While she fell down, I blamed faults on her in my mind and didn’t pay attention to her hurt until other members gathered around her and asked about her hurt. I had a though she was the person who made us failed in the game. That scene repeated over and over in my mind and I was disgusted myself. I can’t believe that is mine. I extremely regretted about that, if I think about her safe, she wouldn’t be hurt. I promised myself that I never repeat that again.

The second lesson is discussing. In a team, you need to listen before talking (that is the rule). If all people talk at the same time, who will be the listener? In teamwork game, I realized the problem of my team but I couldn’t solve it. I was not brave enough to stop others and indicate them what real problem was. Even if, I join in quarrelling and demonstrating I was right. That was my faults and in next time, I will never be silent like this.

The third lesson is Honest Feedback. I didn’t do well in this part. If I used my time to observe my partner carefully I would give her good feedbacks and help them to overcome themselves and get better. But I didn’t, I just talk with people who I like and I can get closer with them. That’s why I didn’t have useful feedbacks for my partner who stay with me in round 2. Next time, I will watch and think clearly about any person who I meet.

The final lesson is restrain. I proud of myself because I can enter the last round of today. But the restrain is an error that makes me failed in this CRT. I tried my best to dominate my eyes burst into tears while the coach was asking me. I tried to resist them and I didn’t show my true decision for coach can accept that deserve for this position. Maybe, my coach is true when saying that I’m not ready for becoming a real coach. If I really want to be it, I will show all my passion and persuade her I am the chosen person.

That’s why I decide to stop at the last round and I was the only person to be got rid of. It likes you fell down at the last step to approach your finish. But I don’t care, I will spend my time to think about coach more and find the good answers for my questions. Practice to anneal myself and come back when I really have all the characteristics of a Coach. Today, I failed in the 21st CRT but I believe that I thoroughly pass in the 22nd CRT. It just depends on how I trust in myself (:


My Close Friend’s Birthday

Last Tuesday is my close friend’s 20th birthday. I made this clip to say “Happy Birthday” to her. She said me that she was really like the clip. That makes me excited 🙂

I should have said sorry for not going to her birthday party. I had many tasks to complete so I refused her invitation. What a pity! That day is her 20th birthday and I – one of her close friends – couldn’t come and share her happiness.

When I saw photos which she took with her friends I feel very interested in her birthday party. Her friends are good friend and I’m relieve when realizing that. During the first year when I came to Ho Chi Minh City, I would be depressed because of many things like: new environment, no family, the bad record of my study… All of them made me too disappointed to do anything else. Fortunately, she moved to near my current house and we got in touch again. Those days were my happiest days.

She was the person who taught me how to drive a motorbike. I owed her a debt. She was really brave when accepting for me driving her. The first days, my speed was very slow and she treated me that it made her sleepy. Sometime, I can’t control the speed and crush into the wall. Luckily, both of us were safe. And now, I have driving license and my own motorbike, I can go everywhere I want.

She is kind, too. Although she looks very unsociable, she will be your good friend 🙂 When she knows that you make she feels safe she will talk to you (sometime she’s talkative =.=) and if you’re in need, she will try her best to help you. She is really good friend.

I’m very happy when staying with her especially eat out. We have a lot of experiences about some fast food stores in HCMC because we went to a lot of them like: KFC and Lotteria =]]]] I remember that once she took me to a Japanese restaurant, we called a lot of food and we can’t eat them all. Unluckily, she paid the bill. I thought that my fault because I was full of in advance. Then, I promised myself that I never call many food like that time.

She and I have many memory together, I hope that we are friends forever and happiness will come to her in this year 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, buddy 🙂