First time, jump out and experience

Today is a special day with me. I had many experiences by participating in a recruitment of TGM Corporation. From the day I attended “I’m gifted, so you are” course of this company I wanted to become a coach. After six months, I had a chance to apply for this position. I expected for this Coach Recruitment Training (CRT) very much. I promised myself that I will try my best to complete all the parts of this recruitment.

I will learn by heart all the lessons today. The first lesson is selfishness. In the teamwork game, all members were striving to move a person across the rope (which was hung highly and mark by 2 opposite groups of chairs). I’m too careful about result to think for my partner. While she fell down, I blamed faults on her in my mind and didn’t pay attention to her hurt until other members gathered around her and asked about her hurt. I had a though she was the person who made us failed in the game. That scene repeated over and over in my mind and I was disgusted myself. I can’t believe that is mine. I extremely regretted about that, if I think about her safe, she wouldn’t be hurt. I promised myself that I never repeat that again.

The second lesson is discussing. In a team, you need to listen before talking (that is the rule). If all people talk at the same time, who will be the listener? In teamwork game, I realized the problem of my team but I couldn’t solve it. I was not brave enough to stop others and indicate them what real problem was. Even if, I join in quarrelling and demonstrating I was right. That was my faults and in next time, I will never be silent like this.

The third lesson is Honest Feedback. I didn’t do well in this part. If I used my time to observe my partner carefully I would give her good feedbacks and help them to overcome themselves and get better. But I didn’t, I just talk with people who I like and I can get closer with them. That’s why I didn’t have useful feedbacks for my partner who stay with me in round 2. Next time, I will watch and think clearly about any person who I meet.

The final lesson is restrain. I proud of myself because I can enter the last round of today. But the restrain is an error that makes me failed in this CRT. I tried my best to dominate my eyes burst into tears while the coach was asking me. I tried to resist them and I didn’t show my true decision for coach can accept that deserve for this position. Maybe, my coach is true when saying that I’m not ready for becoming a real coach. If I really want to be it, I will show all my passion and persuade her I am the chosen person.

That’s why I decide to stop at the last round and I was the only person to be got rid of. It likes you fell down at the last step to approach your finish. But I don’t care, I will spend my time to think about coach more and find the good answers for my questions. Practice to anneal myself and come back when I really have all the characteristics of a Coach. Today, I failed in the 21st CRT but I believe that I thoroughly pass in the 22nd CRT. It just depends on how I trust in myself (:


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