My Twenty

I will be twenty in a half of hour. What an amazing thing! I have lived for 20 years from the first day I cried to say ‘Hi’ with this world. 20 years, a very long time that a person can make a lot of things.

The more I learnt, the more I realize that I’m a really lucky person because I was chosen to be my mother’s daughter 🙂 I’m not have a luxurious childhood but I think that is the best time in my life. I could play any game for children even if it made me dirty. I miss the days that I and my sister played game together, we use the little tools in the kitchen and display as a food stall 🙂 With a small table, small chairs, small bowls, small knives… Everything are tiny and cute. Why at that time I couldn’t recognize that? And when I grew up, I think that they look really pretty and I desired to return the past. I know that is an unreal wish but I really aspire it to become true.

Childhood likes book of memory but they were the happiest pages. They wrote about the days with smiles, tears, happiness,… and that are true emotion (without sham). That book will be closed although you don’t want it to be. Now, it’s time for me to close my own book. That was all my memory, my invaluable treasure. It wasn’t special but I’ll keep it forever.

Happy my twenty 😀