Everything seems stable again after the disappointed ending. Due to making up my mind that I’m going to take the test one last time in December, I have to create a detail plan to get my target. Next time, there is nothing to prevent me from taking achievement, I swear!

Yesterday, I lost one thousand hundred dongs. Firstly, after discovering that I didn’t have enough change to pay for motorbike-keeping fee, I have to use one of my even note. However, the owner easily let me owe that fee and allowed me to pay next time. It really made me move and I gave a sincere thanks to her. On the way going home, there was nothing special happening. After having lunch, I open my purse and check my notes again because I must spend them in the afternoon and I terribly found that I lost one note. I didn’t have any idea about where it had been so that I trying to searching for it from my back bag to the box in my bike. Huh, there is no hope. The previous day and yesterday are my unfortunate days.

I still continued buy a two-hundred-thousand-dong book regardless of losing my money. Thus, I’m worrying about not having enough money at the end of this month to return home and celebrate my mother’s birthday. I’m also thinking about how to make a special birthday party for her. I really want to see her smile and happiness. Burdening difficulties to nurture us, my mother is much weaker so that we ought to respect and do everything we can for her. I’m eagerly waiting for coming back home and gathering with my mother, younger brother, meeting my new younger as well. He becomes the youngest child in my house, my uncle must be happy owing to his presence he has two daughters, though.

Every day, I always have a story. It may be good or bad but the important is my attitude. I don’t want to dip myself in the sadness or disappoints, they subsequently digest me and if I don’t unleash myself from them by changing my attitude and keeping my temper normally I will never have optimistic life.